Innisfil Beach Park Ad Hoc Committee

What is the Innisfil Beach Park Ad Hoc Committee?

The Innisfil Beach Park Ad Hoc Committee (IBPAHC) is a Committee of Council whose purpose is to review issues surrounding Innisfil Beach Park and to advise and make recommendations to Council on these matters. The Committee will search for solutions that will enhance the overall user experience at the park.

• Review concerns and issues about Innisfil Beach Park raised by various stakeholders including residents, Staff, Council, local businesses and park users. The Committee shall meet as required to evaluate potential solutions or a plan of action for Council’s approval. If potential solutions are minor in nature and are within the scope of current Council-approved operating and capital budget amounts, Staff may implement such solutions as suggested by the Committee without further approval from Council.

• Promote and support the implementation of strategies and solutions to alleviate concerns of over-crowding and parking at Innisfil Beach Park.

• These strategies could include community engagement, public education and awareness, the recommendation of by-laws and other methods.

• Members may brainstorm, investigate, research and liaise with any other persons or groups to fulfill the mandate or purpose of this Committee.

Meeting Times

As an Ad Hoc Committee, this Committee may meet as required, with meeting agendas available one week in advance of the meeting.  Meeting agendas and minutes can be found at the following link: 

Please check the meeting calendar for upcoming meeting dates.


1. Susan Fabris, Citizen Member

2. Tanya Kampherm Martin, Citizen Member

3. Bill McConnel, Citizen Member

4. James Roncone, Citizen Member

5. Janice Sandor, Citizen Member

6. Wiley Tynes, Citizen Member

7. Councillor Donna Orsatti, Council Representative

8. Councillor Alex Waters, Council Representative

9. Representative of the Tourism Industry