Shoreline Permits

Attention: Please note that due to the growing concerns over the COVID-19 pandemic, the Town of Innisfil’s Planning Services Department is requiring all owners/applicants to submit their development application(s) digitally. This will ensure that applications will be reviewed by Planning Staff during a time when staff are making efforts to work remotely. Face-to-face pre-consultation meetings will be suspended until further notice. Should the Planning Department receive a pre-consultation request, we will try our best to facilitate a video-conferencing call with the applicant and required Staff to discuss the proposed application.  

Please contact for questions on how to apply digitally and to submit your development application(s). Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this time.

What is the Shoreline Permit?

The Shoreline Permit came into affect on January 8, 2019. This permit system allows the Town to issue one permit that combines zoning, minor variance, site plan, site alteration and grading and tree removals approvals. In some cases it is a 5-in-1 permit. By combining all of these approvals into one permit and one application, a Shoreline Permit is a streamlined and efficient way for property owners to obtain planning approvals.  Faster approval times mean you can get started on your project sooner!

A Shoreline Permit is required for any residential property with frontage on Lake Simcoe. You will require a permit to build or extend a home, boathouse or dock, to perform lot grading or to remove trees.    

Please view the Shoreline Permit By-law for the regulations on land use and development on lands within the “Shoreline Permit Area”

Should you have any further questions, please contact for more information

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