How to Participate

Participate in the Decision Making

The public is welcome to attend meetings of Innisfil Council which are held in the Council Chambers at the Town Hall located at 2101 Innisfil Beach Road, Innisfil ON.  If you cannot or do not wish to attend a meeting send your comments to and they can be forwarded to the appropriate Service Area.

Council Meetings

Regular Council Meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Wednesday of each month commencing at 7:00 p.m.  Should the New Year’s holiday fall on Wednesday, the Regular Council meeting date will be changed 2nd Wednesday only.

During the month of July Council shall observe a summer schedule and there will be no Regular Council meetings.  In August and December the Regular Council meetings are held on the 2nd Wednesday only of each month commencing at 7:00 p.m.

During an Election Year there are no regular Council meetings held in October or November.

Council may also hold additional meetings at the call of the Mayor or Clerk upon notice.

Attend a Council Meeting

To appear before Council, please review the procedures below or contact the Clerk’s Office, by calling 705-436-3710 or emailing

Forms can be found here:

Speak at Open Forum

You are invited to speak on an item appearing on the current Council meeting agenda at the beginning of all Regular Council Meetings.

How Do I Sign Up?

There is a sign up sheet at the reception table, so please add your name.

How Much Time Will I Have?

There is a total of (10) minutes allotted for this section of the Council Agenda. The time will be divided by the number of speakers registered on the list for that Council Meeting, and the general practice shall not be longer than two (2) minutes.

Please contact the Clerk’s Office if you have any questions, at 705-436-3710.

Submitting a Petition to Council

Residents wanting to initiate a Petition to be submitted to the Town of Innisfil must use the Petition Template. The Clerk will not accept any Petition that is not signed. The Town of Innisfil will contact only the Petition Organizer who represents on signatories.

As per Section 39 of the Town’s Procedural By-law No. 002-18:

  • The Clerk may schedule up to three (3) presentations of Petitions at a Regular Meeting with each one not lasting more than five (5) minutes.  The subject matter of a Petition need not relate to an Agenda item.
  • The Clerk shall refuse to schedule a Petition presentation where the subject matter:
  1. involves insurance claims;
  2. involves administrative complaints that have not been reported and investigated through the Customer Service process;
  3. is beyond the jurisdiction of Council
  4. involves current or pending litigation; or
  5. is contrary to MFIPPA.
  • Petitions must include at least ten (10) signatures. Signatories on a Petition are deemed to have waived any expectation of privacy as a result of the record being created for review by the general public.
  • Petitions shall contain the printed name, signature, address and phone number of the individuals signing it.  Signatures without contact information shall be redacted by the individual or group submitting the Petition.