Food Services

Obtaining Approval from Existing Food Providers on Town Property

The Town of Innisfil has entered into contracts for the operation of concession stands at Town facilities and parks.  The contractors of the concession stands have the right to operate during events.  All event organizers serving food, in the vicinity of a concession stand, must receive written permission from the contractor of the concession stand to have additional food services at their event.

Preferred Beverage Suppliers

The Town of Innisfil has preferred suppliers for beverages in Town property.  Please be advised that only preferred suppliers are allowed to advertise on Town property and provide sponsorship.  For more information, please speak to Customer Service.

Submitting an Application for Food Service

All events that include food service to the public (free or for a price) are required to have a permit from the Simcoe Muskoka District Health Unit (SMDHU) to ensure proper handling and serving of food.

Each food vendors/concession must submit a SMDHU Application for Special Event Permit directly to the Health Unit prior to the event.  Guidelines for serving food at community events should be adhered to at all times.  Please review the Food Safety Matters at Community Special Events guidebook on the Simcoe Muskoka Health Units website .

Commercial Cooking Equipment

Under the Ontario Fire Code, all commercial cooking and deep frying equipment require certification and vendors must have proof of certification on site.  All commercial cooking equipment must have exhaust and fire protection systems and may be inspected by the Fire Department prior to the opening of the event to the public.  If a propane equipment is being used for food service (i.e. propane barbeque or cook-top) a Propane Safety Certificate is required.

Propane Safety Certificate

The use of propane equipment (propane barbecues, stoves, heaters or cook-tops) on Town property is restricted.  In order to be granted permission to use propane equipment, the equipment is required to be inspected by a licensed gas fitter who can provide a Propane Safety Certificate or letter before the event opens to the public.  Propane Safety Certificates are required on site during set up and the event.

TSSA Certificate

In accord with the Technical Standards and Safety Act (TSSA) all food vendors must adhere to their rules the rules regarding the use and storage of propane tanks.  It is the responsibility of all food vendors to make sure that the inspection has been completed and approved prior to arriving on Town property.

Please contact TSSA to obtain complete guidelines and inspection information about Technical Standards & Safety Authority (TSSA) requirement,  or 1-877-682-8772.

Grey Water Tanks

Food concessions and vendors using water require a holding tank for grey water.  The dumping of grey water on Town property or in Lake Simcoe is prohibited.  Vendors are responsible for bringing their own tanks and managing the proper disposal of waste.  Grey water is considered any wastewater generated by food concessions or vendors from the activities they are facilitate or food services they are providing.