Flooding Claims

When making a claim against the Town for flood damages, it’s important to note that the Town will not be responsible for your property damage if the Town has met installation and maintenance standards for its water and drainage systems. Specifically,


  • Installation of drainage system was completed in accordance with the engineering practices that prevailed at the time they were installed.


  • A reasonable maintenance system is in place and adhered to. This includes proactive measures to prevent drainage systems from failure and to ensure mechanisms are in place to enable the Town to respond appropriately to system failures.

Damage can be attributed to causes other than the Town’s failure to properly install or maintain its infrastructure. The weather, for example, can have a significant impact. Given the time involved in undertaking an investigation on behalf of the Town, your first step should always be to contact your home insurer. If your insurer believes the Town is responsible for your damages, they may seek compensation against the Town on your behalf.