Fleet Services

Full Service Repair Shop
We specialize in delivering governmental organizations with trusted, high-quality repairs and service for every type of vehicle.

About Us

At the Town of Innisfil, we pride ourselves on being innovative and delivering the highest quality value and services to you. Put your trust in a professional team of mechanics who are passionate about what they do – and leaders in the industry, representing more than 150 years of combined experience

Why use us?

  • Low rates for governments and related organizations
  • Experts in all types of fleet vehicles, providing all types of repairs
  • Reliable, quick turnaround for fleets, including next morning turnaround time
  • Centrally-located. Why travel to Toronto?
  • We will help accommodate and loan a temporary vehicle to commercial customers or municipalities if required.
  • We pride ourselves on finding savings for you
  • Honesty – we will repair only what is required

Our Services

We provide commercial customers with all types of vehicle repairs including, cars, SUVs, lawn mowers, zambonies, loaders, graders, all-terrain vehicles and small equipment.
If it has a motor, we can fix it!
We offer:

  • Annual Safety Inspections for fire trucks and all other vehicles
  • Repair of trailers, mowers, small tools, large equipment
  • We provide service to fleet card holders
  • Oil Change Lube and Filter – flat rate for 10 or more vehicles
  • Seasonal Tire Switcher Over – flat rate for 10 or more vehicles


People depend on you to deliver services but you can’t do that when your vehicle is out of commission. The time spent waiting for repairs on that commercial lawnmower, snow plow or fire truck is time not spent serving your community. No one understands this better than us, and for the first time in Ontario, our state-of-the-art facility and experts are now available for you.

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For questions or to book your appointment please e-mail fleetservices@innisfil.ca or call us at (705) 436-1361.