Fee Assistance in Recreation (F.A.I.R)

What is the Fee Assistance In Recreation Program (F.A.I.R) ?

The Leisure Services department recognizes the financial barriers which interfere with the ability to participate in recreational activities. The Fee Assistance in Recreation (F.A.I.R.) provides fee assistance for Innisfil residents who are in financial need. The Recreation – F.A.I.R program enhances access to Town of Innisfil municipal recreation programs.

Who is Eligible for the Program?

The Town of Innisfil will not turn down an applicant due to the inability to pay. Innisfil is committed to making all our recreation programs accessible for all. However, you must be a resident of Innisfil in order to be considered for the program.

Amount of Assistant

Applicants may receive fee assistance of up to 25% discount off of a program registration with a total $200 per year / per participant towards Town of Innisfil program registration fees.

How does the Fee Assistance Program Work?

There is an initial application that is required to be completed and submitted in confidence to the Leisure Services department. Once a resident has been approved for the program, the resident will identify the activity / programs that they would like to participate / register for. Staff will work with the residents to allocate the funds.

How to Apply:

Step 1: Obtain an application form

Step 2: Provide proof of residency in Innisfil which may include:

  • Photocopy of License
  • Photocopy of recent utility bill name and address.
  • Municipal Tax bill

Step 3: Complete the application form and attach one proof of Financial eligibility (see list on the application form)

  • Letter from Social Agency or Religious Institution
  • Letter from School Official
  • Letter from Member of Council
  • Letter from Supporting Agency (i.e. Respite Worker, Social Services, etc.

Step 4: Complete a Town of Innisfil Recreation Program Registration Form

Step 5: Mail or return the application form and supporting documents to:

Town of Innisfil, Attn Leisure Services Department MARKED: CONFIDENTIAL
2101 Innisfil Beach Road, Innisfil, On L9S 1A1
Monday – Friday – 8:30am to 4:30pm

Email: jlongland@innisfil.ca 

Town staff will contact you to information you of your application status. The application may take approximately 10 days to process.

Application Readiness:

In order to make the approval process go quicker, please ensure the following items are returned: (see above for examples of each item)

  • F.A.I.R Application form
  • Proof of residency document
  • Letter of Support
  • Town of Innisfil Recreation Program Registration form

Deadlines for Applications:

Applications must be received a minimum of 2 weeks prior to the activity / program commencing.

Contact Information

For more information about the Fee Assistance In Recreation (F.A.I.R) program or how you can donation please contact the Programs Coordinator at 705-436-3740 ext. 4310 or by email at jlongland@innisfil.ca