Capital Engineering is responsible for the design and construction of a wide range of municipal capital infrastructure projects such as:

  • Road Reconstruction
  • Bridge Replacement
  • Intersection Improvements
  • New Sidewalks
  • New Street Lighting
  • Traffic Management and Studies

Development Engineering oversees the implementation and construction of subdivision development projects with the Town including:

  • Design Review and Approval
  • Responding to Resident inquiries
  • Inspections and Project Management throughout the construction process.

The Town of Innisfil issued its first set of Town Engineering Standards in 2011 with the final document receiving acceptance by Council on July 13, 2011. The Town Engineering Standards provide guidance for the design and construction of municipal infrastructure, and are updated annually.

Technologies and practices used in these areas are constantly changing as is the case with all technologies. This document has been designed to be a “living document” that will grow as technology and practices change over time.

In order to maintain the Town Engineering Standards as a document that is current with technology advancements, revisions and updates will occur from time to time. To facilitate a timely update to a technical document the Town Engineer or his designate has delegated authority to approve updates to the Town Engineering Standards. A revision section has been included in the document that records any revisions that have been made to the Standards. Therefore consultants utilizing the Town Engineering Standards will need to review the revisions summary to ensure that their designs or the construction of works are being completed in accordance with the most current details.