The Town of Innisfil has updated our Water and Wastewater Master Servicing Plan. Check out our Master Servicing Plan for more details about our goals and plans for water and wastewater management.

Goals and objectives

The Master Servicing Plan finds ways to improve water and wastewater servicing for our residents and growing population. Our goals include:

  • Meeting the service needs of our growing population into 2031
  • Extending service to residents in unserviced areas
  • Maximizing the number of residents served while improving affordability
  • Achieving environmental protection and public health goals
  • Phasing infrastructure projects with the 2018 Transportation Master Plan (TMP) to avoid multiple disruptions to the community
  • Extending the life of the current infrastructure

Community input

We held a public information session in November 2017 to gather community feedback and input on the Master Servicing Plan updates.


The Master Servicing Plan recommends several local improvement projects. Check out these short-term, mid-term, and long-term wastewater projects in the Master Servicing Plan.