Councillor Kenneth Fowler represents Ward 5 for the Town of Innisfil.

Contact Councillor Fowler

You can contact Councillor Fowler by email or give him a call at 705-436-3740 ext. 1115.

About Councillor Fowler

Headshot of Councillor FowlerAs a first-time council member, Councillor Fowler has brought unique skills and perspectives to guide the long-term growth of Innisfil. Councillor Fowler has lived with his wife and son in the community for over half his life. Seeing how beautiful Innisfil was when he visited his father (who incidentally lived in Ward 5), Councillor Fowler chose to set roots down in a town where he felt family values were deeply woven into its fabric.

Councillor Fowler works for the Toronto District School Board in the Operations and Facilities department as an engineering specialist. He was one of the first members of his local to earn an interprovincial Red Seal as a Boilermaker. He also carries his provincial government certification as an Occupational Health and Safety representative for both worker and management levels.

Prior to becoming a Councillor, he was the Chair of the Goodfellow School Parent Council for several years, which allowed him to see first-hand the issues within the community he was living. Making Innisfil better for his son was one of the driving motivations to run for Council.

Councillor Fowler has been active in the community for quite some time assisting many who seek to see our community succeed and bring issues such as mental health, children's safety and welfare to the forefront. He has helped develop young minds and guided them to be open to what they can do in our community for the betterment of others and promoting an understanding of how education is an important factor of this. Shining a light on the trades and how essential these skills can be is one of many ways he seeks to instil these values.

Community involvement

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Councillor Fowler drives to aid residents, donates to all manners of charities and walks his ward seeing to the needs of many who struggled during these trying times.

He has chaired the Pitch-in Committee, the Helping Hands Committee and has been an active member of the Innisfil Public Library Board, promoting diversity and helping those who sought growth and change.

Councillor Fowler is a firm believer of supporting local businesses and promoting them, so all know of Innisfil's hard-working entrepreneurs.