InnServices prepares annual reports of its performance, operations and maintenance. These reports are submitted to the InnServices Board of Directors and Town Council for approval and public posting each year.

Wastewater performance reports 

View our Annual Performance Reports:

Water summary reports

View our Annual Summary Reports for the water systems Churchill, Innisfil Heights, Innisfil Lake Simcoe (Lakeshore and Cookstown) and Stroud. InnServices has a Drinking Water Quality Management System (DWQMS) Operational Plan for these systems. 


See reports for the Churchill Drinking Water System:

Innisfil Heights

See reports for the Innisfil Heights Drinking Water System:

Innisfil Lake Simcoe

See reports for the Innisfil Lake Simcoe Drinking Water System:


See reports for the Stroud Drinking Water System:

Water hardness 

The presence of calcium and magnesium primarily causes water hardness, which is reported as CaCO3 mg/L. Water that is hard requires more soap to create a lather and leads to scaling of appliances and water pipes. Hardness is an aesthetic issue and is not considered a public health concern. InnServices tested its four drinking water systems for hardness. 

Water hardness testing results
Drinking water systemHardness as CaCOmg/LGrains per gallonHardness level
Innisfil Lake Simcoe (Lakeshore and Cookstown) 126 7.36 Hard
Churchill 53.7 3.14 Soft
Innisfil Heights 189 11.05 Very hard 
Stroud 130 7.60 Hard