You will be able to get a building permit for water or sewer connection in the Town of Innisfil once the watermain is in place at the property line and confirmed active by InnServices.

Connecting to water and sewer services

To connect municipal water or sewer services from the property line to your household, you will have to complete the Water and/or Sanitary Lateral Connection Permit Application and provide a site plan (see the application for a sample site plan). The site plan must include the distance from the curb stop to the property line and the driveway. It also needs to include all structures and the approximate location of the service line into the dwelling.

Application process

After we've approved your building permit application, we'll notify you or the authorized agent that the permit it ready. Payment for the permit and any outstanding fees required by InnServices is due on pick-up. Please follow the requirements of the permit and have your servicing installer connect the line and call the Town for an inspection before backfilling. 

Installation of municipal water service

Installing a new municipal service requires open excavation by a contractor from the property line to the house and some internal house plumbing. It is required to install municipal water piping, water meter, and if required a pressure relief valve, under Town by-laws and Engineering Standards. All fixtures inside the home will be required to be connected to the municipal water supply. Once the municipal water line is connected to the home, please contact InnServices to arrange for the installation of the water meter.

If you have an existing well that you'd like to maintain for other uses, the province requires that it be disconnected from any water lines already connected to municipal water. 

Installation of municipal sewer service

It is required to install municipal sanitary (sewer) piping under Town by-laws and Engineering Standards. All sanitary drainage inside the home will be required to be connected to the municipal sanitary sewer and private septic system disconnected from the home. The private septic system will need to be abandoned as per municipal and provincial requirements.

Additional water or sewer service connections

You will need to apply for an additional water or sewer connection for:

  • Recently severed properties
  • Newly-built homes or businesses
  • Connection to the sewer or water system (where available) from private wells or septic systems

How to apply

Complete an Additional Service Connection Application and submit to InnPower Customer Service (7251 Yonge St.). The application fee is $600 per additional connection or $900 for both water and sanitary sewer additional connections. You can pay at the counter by cash or cheque payable to "InnServices Utilities Inc". If you're mailing your application, please only send payment by cheque. 

This Process Flow Chart explains the steps involved to get an additional water or sewer connection.