You need a septic permit from the Town of Innisfil before you can install or repair a septic system on your property.

Apply for a septic permit

To apply for a septic permit, please complete the Septic Application Package and submit it by email to

Please make sure to complete the following:

If as the property owner, you'd like someone to submit the septic permit application on your behalf, you need to complete the Owner's Authorization for Agent to Make an Application found in the Septic Application Package.

Depending on the location of your property, you may need to get approval from a local conservation authority:

Along with the complete application forms, you'll need to include two copies of the:

  • Site Plan
  • Cross Section Plan
  • Granular Analysis
  • Calculations
  • Maintenance Contract


Review the septic permit application fees:

  • $812.85 for a new septic system
  • $427.81 to repair one component of a septic system

Book an inspection

Learn how to book an inspection for your new or repaired septic system.