Innisfil Fire and Rescue Services is calling on all residents of Innisfil to test their smoke alarms on September 28 as part of Test Your Smoke Alarm Day. Be prepared to be Saved by the Beep with a working smoke alarm—it is your best chance to keep you and your family safe in the event of a fire!

"Being prepared to act in the event of a fire can start with simply pressing the test button and having the confidence that a working smoke alarm is in your home."

- Fire Chief Brent Thomas 

How often should I check my smoke alarms?

  • Alarms with 10 year batteries or hard wired to your electrical system should ideally be tested monthly but at least every 6 months
  • Batteries should be replaced at least once a year for alarms that have replaceable batteries
  • Learn these quick steps on how to test and change your smoke alarm

Quick facts

  • Smoke alarms have been legally required to be installed on every storey of a residence in Ontario since 2006
  • Residences also include vacation homes, cabins, trailers, RVs, and cottages
  • Landlords must test alarms annually, after the battery is replaced, and after every change in tenancy. Renters must notify their landlord as soon as they become aware that a smoke alarm is not operating
  • In 2022, Ontario lost 133 people to deadly fires—the highest number in over 20 years. Many of these fires were found to have no working smoke alarm