As the world adapts to a new normal, countless opportunities to work remotely have opened up for employees everywhere. Working from Innisfil brings amazing opportunities for individuals and families such as:

  • Favourable cost of living
  • Four-seasons recreation, including trails, beaches and water sports
  • Future-focused community building and investment, and passionate local government
  • High-quality healthcare, childcare, schooling and community safety
  • Lifestyle accommodations for every type of explorer, relaxer, adventurer and leisure enthusiast
  • Rural alternative to the big city, complete with small-town culture and heritage
  • Social activities and environments, including casinos, lakeside resorts, skydiving and local bars
  • Strong supports for entrepreneurship and tech ecosystems
  • Unique shops and farm-to-table dining experiences

Work from Innisfil and learn more about how you can be supported as a remote worker and check out our popular points of interest in a brand new and exciting community!