Culture Master Plan

Culture Master Plan: Abundant Experiences, Shared

Municipalities across Ontario and Canada are recognizing the role that culture, creativity and quality of place play in community development and growth. As a result, many communities are developing Culture Plans to guide the support and development of culture in their communities. The benefits and impact of culture on economic development, community development, placemaking, well-being and social cohesion are well documented. These benefits are recognized in Innisfil’s key planning documents. Indeed, enhancing cultural programming in Innisfil is a recurring priority across the Town’s policy and planning documents. Culture is recognized in Innisfil as a driver for building a more connected community, stimulating creativity and innovation, and creating a happier and more prosperous community.

The Culture Master Plan for the Town of Innisfil will contribute to the Town’s strategic goals of Grow, Connect and Sustain by: master

  • Reinforcing the principles of creative placemaking;
  • Catalyzing community connections;
  • Building civic engagement and community agency;
  • Enriching and activating the built and natural environment; and
  • Nurturing creativity, experimentation and innovation.