Community Health and Wellness Strategy

Executive Summary

Health and wellness is everyone’s responsibility. With Ontario’s health landscape changing
to promote more integrated and coordinated primary care at the local level, and funding
formula changes for public health entities requiring increased financial contributions from
municipalities, the role municipalities play in the health and wellness of their residents will
become greater in the coming years.

The Town of Innisfil (Town) is well positioned to affect the many modifiable factors that impact Innisfil residents’ health and wellness. Our unique influence over policy and
enforcement, placemaking, community programming, and stakeholder engagement can directly affect the health and wellness of our residents.

Our ability to generate innovative solutions to complex problems and build cooperation amongst stakeholders will help meet this unique challenge head-on. The Town’s development of the Rizzardo Health & Wellness Centre (RHWC) also demonstrates our commitment to providing residents with resources to maintain and improve their health and wellness. The Town can build off this momentum and commit to a community strategy, Our Health, which identifies how to improve the underlying and modifiable factors affecting our health and wellness.

Our Health will guide the Town – and the many organizations, agencies, and volunteers
that already seek to improve residents’ health and wellness – to think, act and work together
in the short- and long-term. It will help us build on and align the great work that the Town
and our community partners are already doing for residents’ health and wellness, seek new
opportunities for integrating health and wellness into all that we do, and bring greater focus
to community needs. Together we can make the healthy choice the easy choice for Innisfil
residents and commit to be the ultimate champion for helping them thrive now and for
years to come.

View our Community Health and Wellness Strategy document here!