Centreville Stroud Applications Reports & Plans (7958 Yonge Street)

Here you will find information regarding the application for 7958 Yonge Street in Centreville-Stroud. 

Land use applications returned to Council on Wednesday August 9, 2017.

You can read the report 

Council approved Official Plan Amendment No. 25 to allow for residential uses. Council approved By-law 096-17 to allow Village Commercial, Single residential units, Townhouse residential units and Open Space on the subject lands. These decisions are subject to an appeal period until September 5, 2017. The notice of decision provides more detail.

These applications allow for the land uses to be considered (residential and commercial). MORE planning applications will have to follow to allow things to be built on the property.

Location: 7958 Yonge Street

Owner: The Centreville Group Inc. / Louis Nitsopoulos

Agent: Innovative Planning Solutions


1.29 ha commercial block for a gasoline station / convenience store

1.26 ha for 94 townhouse units

0.345 ha for 12 single detached units

1.125 ha for a communal septic bed

1.19 ha for road, road widening and stormwater management

Proposed Official Plan Amendment: a portion of the property from “Village Commercial Area” to “Village Residential Special Area” to permit single detached and townhouse units.

Proposed Zoning By-law Amendment: From “Future Development (FD) Zone” to “Village Commercial (VC) Zone”, “Residential 2 Exception (R2-X) Zone”, “Residential Townhouse Exception (RT-X) Zone” and “Open Space (OS) Zone”.

Key dates: 

Application received – September 29, 2016

Public Meeting – December 7, 2016

Public Open House – March 7, 2017

Application revised – May 15, 2017

2nd Public Meeting – June 14, 2017

Next steps:

Land use applications to return to Council for a decision  date Wednesday August 9, 2017. You can read the report .

Further development applications to support the proposed uses: site plan approval, plan of subdivision (for the single detached units), plan of condominium or site plan (for the townhouse units.)

Click here for the Planning Justification Report from September 2016.

Site Plan  for 7958 Yonge Street.

In this Cover Letter, you can find information surrounding the development of 7958 Yonge Street in Stroud and some questions raised by residents of Innisfil. 

The By-laws to amend the Official Plan and Zoning by-law can be found in the staff report 

Below are reports prepared for this application;

Traffic Impact Study

Archaeological Report 1 and Report 2

Noise Feasibility Study

Servicing and Stormwater Management Study

Hydrogeological Evaluation and Peer Review

Geotechnical Report and Peer Review

Staff Reports:

December 7, 2016

June 14, 2017