Burn Permits


May 1, 2020 – Innisfil Fire & Rescue Services has announced that the ban on Open Air Fire Burning has been lifted. 

Open Burning Not Requiring a Burning Permit:

Description: Small burn appliances (eg: chiminea, metal fire place) and open air burn under 0.5m (or 18 inches) in size.

Size of Fire: The fire can be no larger than  0.5m (or 18 inches) in size.


  • Appliances/Chimineas: Must be 5m from any lot line and 2m from any structure (includes decks and fences).
  • Open air fire under 0.5m: Must be 5m from any lot line and not less than 15m (or 50 feet) from any structure (includes decks and fences).

What to Burn: Burn clean wood products only.

Supervision: Never leave the fire unattended.

Fees: No permit is required.

Please note: Burning shall not cause a nuisance to residents.

Open Air Burning Requiring a Burning Permit:

Size of Fire: If the fire is larger than 0.5m (or 18 inches) a permit is required. The size of fire, and set back distances are determined at the time a permit is applied for.

What Can Be Burned: These fires are meant for the burning of brush and clean scrap wood.

Agricultural Zoned Requirements: For agricultural zoned properties larger than 5 acres and where a fire is permitted at or on ground level to be 3m in diameter and 3m in height, a mandatory site inspection by the Fire Chief or designate is required prior to a fire permit being approved.

Burning Permit Fees:  $20.00 for the calendar year.

Permit Purchase Locations: Please note at this time, permits can only be purchased Online via Paypal . Online permits are for the under 1m burn only.

Other Costs: Cost of having the Fire Department come and extinguish an open air fire that is deemed out of control or is in violation of the Burning By-law is $426.00 per hour for each truck attending.

Please note: Burning shall not cause a nuisance to residents.

NOTE: Fire Bans are sometimes in place by order of the Fire Chief. Please check this page for active Fire Bans.