Background Information

What is Phase 1?

To examine the heritage signifance of properties across the Cookstown Study Area and determine if the designation of a Heritage Conservation District within this area is warranted, desirable, and supported by the community.

What is Phase 2?

If Council decides to proceed with the designation process, an HCD Plan must be prepared, pursuant to Part V of the Ontario Heritage Act for lands that are in the Heritage Conservation area.

Public Presentations

Public Information Session (February 2013)

Public Information Session (March 2013)

Public Presentation to Council (May 2013)

Open House/Workshop (September 2013)

Statutory Public Meeting (November 2013)

Public Presentation to Council (February 2014)


Staff Report DSR-90-12

Staff Report DSR-090-12 (Attachment: Terms of Reference)

Staff Report DSR-032-13

Staff Report DSR-090-13

Staff Report DSR-090-13 (Attachment: Phase 1 HCD Study Area Report)

Staff Report DSR-192-13 (Cookstown HCD and Community Improvement Plan)

Appendices to DSR-192-13:

Staff Report DSR-015-14 (Implementation of a Heritage Conservation and Community Improvement Plan for Cookstown)

Staff Report DSR-041-14 (Cookstown Heritage Conservation District and Community Improvement Plan Implementation)


February 2013 Questionnaire

March 2013 Questionnaire

September 2013 Workbook (due by September 24 2013)