How Can a Community Improvement Plan (CIP) Benefit Cookstown?

The Community Improvement Plan is meant to encourage community and economic development with financial incentives. The plan provides tax assistance and grants to boost the land and/or enhance businesses and homes within the defined Community Improvement Project Area. Click here to view the area.

By offering grants to Cookstown property owners and tenants, the Community Improvement Plan aims to:

  • Conserve and enhance Cookstown’s unique historical character
  • Engage property owners, tenants and residents in community enhancements
  • Enhance commercial activity and tourism in Cookstown’s downtown
  • Ensure pedestrian safety, comfort and accessibility
  • Create an attractive and inviting public area
  • Strengthen and revitalize Cookstown’s downtown area
  • Promote investment in properties and buildings

How Can the CIP Help Cookstown Business and Property Owners?

Private property owners and businesses can take advantage of the grant programs offered in the CIP to achieve a variety of community improvements goals.

What Kinds of Financial Incentives are Being Offered Through the Cookstown CIP?

The Cookstown Community Improvement Plan includes the following grant programs:

  • Grants to improve facade (masonry, brickwork, doors, windows, architectural detailing, etc
  • Grants to improve signage
  • Grants to improve landscaping, lighting, parking, etc
  • Grants to restore historically significant features to their original character and condition
  • Grants to help owners bring their buildings up to compliance with the Ontario Building Code
  • Grants to help offset a portion of the property tax increase relating to the CIP improvements

Eligible projects will be examined by the Town and financial incentives will be granted accordingly.

Who will be Eligible for Financial Incentives?

Only property owners and tenants located in the designated Community Improvement Project Area can be eligible for grants.Click here for the Cookstown Community Improvement Project Area to see if you are eligible. 

Additionally, the Community Improvement Plan has established other eligibility criteria which will determine incentives. Primarily, the Community Improvement Plan will be available to owners and tenants of commercial businesses. However, incentives can become available to owners of residential properties within the Community Improvement Project Area.  There will be a limited amount of grants available, so it may limit who will be eligible. 

What is the Process for Applying for CIP Grants?