About Your Bill

Water and Sewer Charges are on Your InnPower Bill

InnPower provides monthly billing of water and wastewater charges to InnServices customers. Since August 2012, you have been invoiced for these services on your hydro bill,  from InnPower. The water and wastewater charges are shown on a separate line.

Monthly Billing from InnPower

  • Your  InnPower Utility Bill includes your monthly water/wastewater usage amount.
  • All bills received from InnPower are payable to InnPower.

Benefits of Monthly InnPower Billing

The change in frequency of billing to monthly will provide customers with the ability to:

  • budget and manage their financial affairs,
  • detect leaks or other problems in their water services sooner and;
  • eliminate the need for an extra cheque, automatic debit or in-person visit to pay for your water/wastewater services. 

InnPower – Pre-authorized Payment Plan Form 

Your Water Consumption

Interested in finding out your water consumption?  Sign up to access your account online with InnPower .

Account in Arrears?

If water/wastewater arrears occur they will continue to be transferred to the property tax account for the service address as permitted under the Municipal Act.


Please contact InnPower Customer Service at 705-431-4321 or email customerservice@innpower.ca