InnServices FAQ

Where is the water connection to my home?

The water lateral is often easy to find as the curbstop, or water box, is located at the property line and looks like a large nut, or the top of a large screw. It is sometimes painted blue or stamped with the work water and often close to the driveway and sidewalk.

If you cannot find the curbstop, and need to located it for the purposes of construction, you can call Ontario One Call to have a locate done.

Access to the curbstop is only required by InnServices for the purposes of turning on and off the water to your home. You should not access the curbstop without permission of InnServices.

Where is the sewer connection to my home?

You sewer lateral is not as easy to locate. You may call Ontario One call to locate your sewer lateral prior to any construction.

If you are planning a project and need the location of the sewer lateral to plan for instillation of the servicing connection, we will open an inquiry for you and ask that InnServices provide you with the specific location that you may connect.

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What’s happening?

This year WAMCO will be acting on behalf of InnServices to start the mandatory water meter replacement program.  Water meters older than 10 years will be replaced at no cost to the owner. The meter replacement will allow to enhance the accuracy of water billing and improve water meter reading efficiency.

How do I sign up?

Residents can schedule the installation by calling 1-833-926-2626 or by visiting the website Installations are scheduled and completed by the contractor weekdays from 9am – 5pm. Residents are encouraged to pick their time slots online, or contact the WAMCO directly for additional assistance.

What will be replaced?

During the installation the existing water meter will be removed and replaced with a new one, alongside the existing external reader. If an external reader does not already exist on the premise, a wire will have to be run from the inside meter to the building exterior.

The project has been broken down into a number of phases. During the implementation and completion of each phase WAMCO will deliver an official notice to property owners. Property owners are requested to contact WAMCO within 7 days of receiving the notice to schedule an appointment.